Great Falls Opens Call Center in Westbrook, ME

Auburn, Maine – Great Falls Marketing provides Inbound and Customer Service Telemarketing for Direct Response and Retail Marketers. Continuous growth has afforded Great Falls the opportunity to expand and open multiple call centers throughout southern and central Maine.

“We have experienced steady growth over the past few years. This growth results in the need to open up new centers throughout Maine and Westbrook is ideal for us” stated Mike Frautten, Co-owner and CFO at Great Falls Marketing. “Having multiple call centers affords us the opportunity to not only provide jobs with above average income, but allows Great Falls to hire the best sales agents in various towns and cities throughout Maine.”

Scott MacCheyne, Co-owner and CEO of Great Falls said, “The bottom line is that we would love to hire another 100 inbound sales agents and another 50 customer service agents to help us handle the projections of calls expected in early 2016.” MacCheyne added, “This is very exciting for us and everyone in Maine that is looking for meaningful employment where their efforts are rewarded with each paycheck. We work with the largest marketers in the world and the fact that we are opening up our fourth call center proves that we are here to stay. We feel Westbrook is a great place to hire talented call center agents.”

Shawn Reed, Vice President of Call Center Operations adds, “Westbrook and the surrounding areas have been home to many successful call centers over the years and with this expansion we will add Great Falls Marketing to that list. There is no shortage of hard working Mainers with call center experience in Westbrook and we are thankful to provide an opportunity for them to succeed with us. Westbrook is a growing area, with many positive things happening in the community. It’s going to be exciting to have an extension of our business in the middle of it all.

The new Westbrook call center will be located at 90 Bridge Street (Dana Warp Building). The plan is to have 50 new sales agents in this facility by December 7th and then hire another 40 agents the first part of 2016. Great Falls Marketing operates three other centers in Maine; Auburn, Saco and a Customer Service Center in South Portland. For more info, visit